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We pride ourselves on being a technologically-led practice and are happy to provide laser treatment to solve both cosmetic and functional issues for our patients. From creating even gum lines to protecting against gingivitis, laser treatment is here to help.

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What is laser treatment?

Laser treatment helps to remove excess soft tissue (like your gums) without harming any surrounding hard tissue or bone. It is a safe and pain-free procedure, and we will use a small amount of local anesthetic to numb the area, as if we were filling a cavity.

Who can laser treatment help?

Laser treatment can help people of all ages with gum health and tooth eruption issues. When in early treatment or two-phase treatment, laser treatment can prevent a slow or hard-to-reach tooth from derailing your child’s care.

In treatment for adults, laser treatment can solve a variety of gum issues, like removing excess gum tissue for better brushing and flossing, reducing ulcers and sores, and helping to treat gum disease.

If your treatment includes braces, we may even use laser treatment to help create space for a Temporary Anchorage Device (TAD).

Find out if laser treatment is right for you

During your consultation, Dr. Narula and your team will evaluate your current oral health. If you’re a good candidate for laser treatment, they’ll add it to your treatment plan!

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