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No one wants orthodontic treatment to take any longer than necessary. That’s where our accelerated treatment options come in. These cutting-edge tools can help you achieve your dream smile in record time.

At Center for Orthodontics, we offer two treatment acceleration options: Micro-Osteoperforation, and the VPro+ device.

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What is Micro-Osteoperforation (MOP)?

Micro-Osteoperforation is a technique used to speed up your body’s natural bone remodeling process. This helps your teeth to move into correct alignment up to 62% faster.

Dr. Narula determines that MOPs are right for you, she will use local anesthetic to numb your gumline before creating small “dimples” or “micro-fractures” to stimulate your body’s response to orthodontic treatment.

What is the VPro+?

The VPro+ is a small appliance that you’ll use for about 5 minutes each day. During those 5 minutes, the hand-free device will use high-frequency vibrations to improve your tooth movement. These vibrations minimize discomfort while speeding treatment by up to 50%.

The VPro+ device even connects to your phone, so you can track your progress and share insights with Dr. Narula and her team.

Am I a candidate for accelerated treatment?

Most of our patients can use a form of accelerated treatment! Even moderate to severe issues can be shortened with the help of VPro+, but your overall treatment timeline will depend on your biology and the complexity of your orthodontic issues.

Find out if accelerated treatment is right for you

Your custom treatment outline is created for free at your complimentary consultation. When you come to visit us, ask how our acceleration options could help to speed up your smile journey.

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