Five Substantial Methods To Maintain the Cleanliness of Your Invisalign

5 Substantial Methods To Maintain the Cleanliness of Your Invisalign

If you already have Invisalign in Cathedral City suggested by Mina Narula DDS MDS who practices at Center for Orthodontics, then you already have taken the primary step to enhance your smile. In our previous blog we have explained about types of dental braces provided by orthodontist. Now you may also want to know how to keep it clean suggested by Indian Wells orthodontist.

Why Is Cleaning Invisalign Important in La Quinta?

Before understanding how to keep Invisalign in Cathedral City clean, let’s see why it is important in the first place. Invisalign aligners attract a lot of bacterial build-ups because of food. This adversely affects your oral hygiene.

Uncleaned Invisalign is susceptible to germ retention leading to stink and bad breath. Thus, you should count upon routine care from Cathedral City orthodontist Dr. Mina Narula from the Centre for Orthodontics. Also, visit the Desert Hot Springs orthodontist offering the best retainers in Palm Springs care.

5 Tip To Keep Invisalign Clean in Desert Hot Springs:

  • Ensure to Remove Invisalign Trays Prior to Eating:Food particles get stuck in your teeth and trays and cling to your aligners. These later on create plaque sticking to enamel. Removing this film from Invisalign in Palm Springs will be a hassle. Thus removing the trays is the best option to keep it clean.
  • Keep the Invisalign Trays in a Case:Ensure to place the trays in an air-tight case instead of keeping it on a napkin when you are not wearing them. The cases can protect the Invisalign in Palm Springs from bacteria.
  • Floss and Brush Before Replacing Invisalign Aligners:Before putting the trays back, remember to brush and floss to avoid the food particles stuck between your teeth to prevent saliva from washing the particles away. So, after meals, maintain oral hygiene before wearing them back and visit La Quinta orthodontist for follow-up.
  • Avoid Using Harsh Materials on Invisalign Trays:Your Twentynine Palms orthodontist will suggest you to refrain from using hot or cold water to clean the aligners. Also, do not use any harsh cleansing agents or toothpaste and mouthwash to clean the trays. Instead, soak it in normal water to prevent tough debris, stains, plaque or odor. Rinse Invisalign trays in Yucca Valley with water under room temperature.
  • Use Tried Ways to Clean Your Invisalign Trays:Make sure to check it with your orthodontist in Coachella. Use unscented and gentle liquid soap or a mix of vinegar and water to rinse it. You can also go for prescribed retainer cleanser suggested by an orthodontist in Yucca Valley for your Invisalign trays.


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