7 Facts To Know About Invisalign and Braces for Adults

7 Facts To Know About Invisalign and Braces for Adults

Do you have the issues of misaligned teeth and incorrect jawbone position? You might also be facing some very usual issues of under and overbite, food getting stuck in between your gapped teeth, or you hiding your smile in public to avoid the display of chipped and crooked teeth. No worries, you are not alone. There are a number of people just like you suffering from orthodontic issues. In our previous blog, we have explained 5 important things to know before getting braces in Yucca Valley. However, for such issues, there are a number of reputed and experienced adult orthodontics Indio who can certainly help you out.

7 Things to Know Regarding Invisalign and Braces in Palm Springs:

Now, here are seven facts about Invisalign and Braces in Palm Springs, the two most common orthodontic treatments for adults.

  • Affordability:Invisalign in Palm Springs might be costlier than braces depending on the severity of the issue you are having. Invisalign is relatively a newer way to fix your teeth misalignment. The lab fees, manufacturing fees and other costs for Invisalign are higher than braces. However, both the treatments are more affordable than what you can imagine.
  • Comfort Factor:Invisalign in La Quinta is relatively more comfortable for daily use. Braces can have some level of discomfort for you. But you can remove Invisalign for two hours a day. It’s far easier to follow the instructions of the dentist for wearing an Invisalign for 22 hours in a day.
  • Speedy Recovery:Both Invisalign and clear braces in La Quinta will ensure that you have a speedy recovery. You don’t have to wear these dental fixtures throughout your life. Irrespective of your age, the treatment will take around six to twenty four months for complete recovery.
  • Assured Results:As an adult, you can reap excellent results out of clear braces in Yucca Valley. The high-tech innovation in orthodontic treatment has raised the percentage of success when it comes to correcting your misaligned teeth.
  • Freedom to Opt Other Procedures:You can have Invisalign in Indio and braces even if you have undergone teeth whitening. More so, if you have crowns or veneers, you can still go for these orthodontic measures. Just consult with your dentist for good advice.
  • Boost Confidence:Both orthodontic treatments, clear braces Indio and Invisalign, can ensure a beautiful smile to you. As a grown-up, these will boost your self confidence.
  • Options to Pick From:For Invisalign in Coachella, you will have clear aligners. On the other hand, braces don’t always mean metals. You can go for ceramic braces which are much more convenient and attractive to wear.


You might wonder if you are too young for Invisalign or too old for Braces in Yucca Valley. Visit Dr. Mina Narula at the Center for Orthodontics to identify the best treatment for you. Browse through our website of Center for Orthodontics to gather more information regarding the treatments. Call us at 760-349-0707 to arrange for an appointment right away.

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