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Permanent Retention

Your Cuspid-to-Cuspid Retainer

Your new bonded retainers will keep your front teeth straight and healthy as long as you are careful of how you eat, bite, brush and floss. Patients that have first had removable retainers, then the cuspid to cuspid ones, have told us how much more they like these. They're almost invisible too!


Your retainer is bonded to each tooth separately. Carelessness can separate this bond. If left unbonded even for only a few days, tooth decay can occur and the unattached tooth can become crooked. So if you feel a loose bond with your tongue or see a tooth get out of, call us for an appointment immediately. (A charge will most likely be made for a repair or replacement. So be careful, please.) Even though the retainer feels secure and the teeth remain aligned, we want to continue to examine the bonded teeth, retainer and your bite on a regular annual or semi-annual basis anyway.

You can brush your teeth and gums as usual, but flossing has to be done more carefully. Because the bar or flexible wire is in the way you cannot bring the floss down between the teeth in the usual manner. If you can thread your floss from the front under the retainer wire, fine; otherwise you will have to use a floss threader or special super floss of Waterpik flosser. If you have difficulty don't hesitate to ask us.

Be sure to tell the dentist or dental hygienist who regularly cleans your teeth to be ever so careful of your new retainer.



  • Biting into hard apples
  • Hard pizza pie crusts
  • Opening nut shells with you teeth
  • Chewing stale hard gum
  • Biting into hard, gooey or sticky candies: Caramel, butterscotch, licorice, sugar-daddies, peanut brittle, frozen Milky Ways or Snickers, Marathon Bars, Gummy critters (bears, worms, etc...) and jelly beans.
  • Biting into ice, hard rolls or bagels, hard or soft pretzels, whole raw vegetables, hard cookies or chips and the like.

Don't hesitate to call our office if you have a question or if anything seems unusual. Good luck, be careful and keep smiling!

Removal Retention

When we remove your braces, we will begin the retention stage of your treatment. The retention phase lasts for a minimum of 24 months. Your final orthodontic result depends on your retainers, so follow through with the hard work you’ve put in so far. Remember to remove your retainer before brushing, and brush your retainer before placing it back in your mouth.

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