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IMPROVE YOUR ORTHODONTIC EXPERIENCE with the first and only vibration product to support both active treatment and retention in just 5 minutes a day

Excellerator Series Patient Video

Excellerator Series
  • Accept nothing less than the best for your treatment. Ask us about MOPs, today.
    • We are proud to offer the Propel Excellerator® Series, the first and only product line cleared by the FDA for use in Micro-Osteoperforation (MOPs). Call or stop in today to find out how MOPs can improve your orthodontic treatment.
  • Accommodates your unique treatment
    • Whether you’re getting ready to start your orthodontic journey or are already in active treatment, MOPs may be the right solution for you. The Excellerator Series can be used in conjunction with brackets and wires or clear aligners.
  • Quick and Easy
    • We can complete your MOPs application in a matter of minutes during a regularly scheduled appointment and have you back to your busy schedule in no time.
    • What are you waiting for? Ask us if treatment with the Excellerator Series is right for you at your next visit! 
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  • Your best orthodontic experience yet. What are you waiting for?
    • The VPro+™, from Propel Orthodontics’ VPro Series, is the first and only product that supports you during active orthodontic treatment all the way through retention. The VPro+ operates at a high frequency, delivering gentle vibrations to improve your orthodontic treatment. And get this, you only have to use it for 5 minutes a day.
      • Features
        • Quick 5 Minute Wear Time
        • Wireless Charging
        • Waterproof Vibration Device
        • Compact Travel Case
        • Patient Mobile App
Propel Apps
  • The App
    • Enhance your orthodontic experience on all levels. Enjoy the user-friendly patient application, optimized to keep your treatment on track. All of the features you need. None that you don’t.
    • Track usage with daily and weekly views
    • Share results with your doctor
    • Locate device with the click of a button
  • Where to Start?
    • Be sure to charge your VPro+ fully before first use.
    • Download the VPro+ Mobile App to start tracking your usage. Note: App use is optional.
    • Secure the Mouthpiece to the Oscillator (arrow points toward button).
    • Begin your first 5 minute Session. Wear your orthodontics during use unless otherwise directed.
    • Ask us about the VPro+ at your next visit!
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