12 Facts to know About Us

  1. Dr. Mina Narula!  Is the only Invisalign Diamond Provider in the entire Coachella Valley. Which means that she has treated more patients with Invisalign then any other provider in the area. Along with her double postgraduate degrees in orthodontics, she is a member of the most prestigious orthodontic societies and she is an Associate Professor at Loma Linda University Orthodontic Department. Most impressive is the fact that she is the choice orthodontist of many local dental professionals for treating their families and their staff!

  2. Complimentary Evaluations: Your initial consultation including photos and x-rays are free.

  3. Financing is Easy: Our orthodontic treatment fee is all inclusive. We offer flexible financing options with no interest and we handle all your insurance paperwork.

  4. Fun while you wait:  Enjoy our state of the art Game room. Our guests can enjoy Apple TV, several Apple iPad Pro. Ask any of our patients and they will say that we never keep them waiting. Also, we have unique patient contests with exciting prizes and a staff that can make you smile without braces!

  5. We Treat Ages 5 to 105: Thanks to our excellent care and results, we are working with second-generation family members now and look forward to seeing our patients’ grandchildren in the future!

  6. Office Ambience: Guest WI-Fi available, Our Narula Café offers a variety of flavored coffees and cold drinks as well as fresh baked cookies. Our office Mascot Tinkle Narula is a Longhaired Maltese that enjoys getting his hair braided while sitting on your lap.

  7. Most Technologically Advanced Practice in the Area: We offer lower dose radiation digital X-rays, digital photography, virtual treatment outcomes, computer aided placement of braces and wires invented by NASA that shorten treatment time. Additionally, our exciting 3D Max scanning is the first of its kind in our area. We provide all of this to improve our patients’ experience and shorten treatment time!

  8. We Have Many Treatment Options:  Whether it is Early Treatment, Adult Braces, Invisalign or Invisalign Teen we have something for every age group. And our sterilization process is second to none!

  9. Growth Modification Philosophy: Dr. Narula avoids extractions by starting to monitor growth patterns as early as 5 years which helps create her trademark fuller, beautiful smiles.

  10. We Have a Unique Patient Manager System: From the time your braces are placed we make every effort for you to be attended by the same professional clinical assistant while Dr. Narula makes your adjustments. The benefits to this are many, but most importantly the personal and caring relationship it builds with our patients.

  11. Enhanced Communication: Our online patient capabilities allow you to check appointments, review or make payments and view all your photos & x-rays. And remembering your appointments is easy with our e-mail, voicemail and text message reminder options.

  12. Reward Points: Your excellent oral hygiene, good grades and community service are just a few of the ways to earn Reward Points that can be cashed in for great gift cards to Tiffany’s, Macy’s Target, Starbucks, etc. We also show our sincere appreciation for patient referrals through our Reward Points program.

Dr. Mina Narula twelve facts about her practice consist of her degree, complimentary evaluations, easy financing, keeping their schedule, treating ages 7 to 105, office ambience including Wi-Fi, technological advances, many treatment options, growth modification, patient manager system, enhanced communication and Reward Points.

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